Designed by IDIN Architects, the NANA Coffee Roasters Bangna branch in Bangkok is a cluster of white-toned, minimalist buildings that combine with the outdoor landscape to create a lush green atmosphere in the heart of the bustling city. Drawing visitors away from the buzzing Bangna-Trad motorway and redirecting their focus onto the coffee-drinking experience, the space could very well double as a meditative retreat in the city.

 NANA Coffee Roasters Bangna, Bangkok / IDIN Architects

Through this concept, the boundaries between the three practices, architecture, interior, and landscape, are blurred – the realism of the exterior and interior are connected,’ state the architects.  These “blurred” spaces create “undefined areas” where Instagram-ability is naturally made to be less important than the visitor’s “experience” of indulging in a high-quality cup of coffee.

 NANA Coffee Roasters Bangna, Bangkok / IDIN Architects

The main buildings in the front are a result from maintaining continuity in the roofline with the existing building, which extends into three masses where the Speed Bar and the indoor seats are located. Green areas of the landscape infiltrate the gaps between these masses and flow into the interior with the use of reflective glass mosaics on the ceiling. The front part of the existing building is renovated as a part of the Slow Bar and service zone. The restrooms located at the back of these buildings, are designed as independent pods, surrounded by the landscape for added privacy.

 NANA Coffee Roasters Bangna, Bangkok / IDIN Architects

All buildings are designed to be simple and functional, this simplicity continues into the design of the interior, where the main focus still revolves around the coffee-drinking experience. The counters wrapped around the perimeter of the room to direct customers’ attention to the coffee instead of having a conversation. The counters have uneven contoured surfaces, which cause the customer to concentrate on the placement of their coffee and the drinking experience. The counter also doubled as “social distancing” while referring to the northern mountain range where the coffee beans are grown.

Other elements such as signage are also designed based on this concept of “concentration”, whereas most typical signage wants to grab attention, the signage at NANA Coffee Roasters is designed to contain hidden details which are only revealed when being focused on.